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Our cleaning systems help properties eliminate vacancy loss, increase NOI, and create an exceptional experience for residents.

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At Bennett Services, we believe that residents are the focus behind every successful apartment community. That's why we prioritize cleanliness, efficiency, and sustainability in all of our property solutions. By creating an excellence and efficiency driven work environment, we help our clients increase productivity, attract new prospects, and lower vacancy loss. Our team is dedicated to using innovative technology to deliver top-notch solutions every day.

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Why Bennett Services?

Simple, straight forward pricing.

We price our services with a simple flat rate cost. It is easy to understand and calculate. We know that time is money and complicated pricing structures doesn't do anyone any favors.

Same day service

We know things can get out of hand and sometimes you might need a last minute visit. We offer same day service to our partners to ensure residents are taken care of.

1 Hour email response

Communication is key and we want to make sure your requests are being answered as soon as possible. That is why we guarantee a response to your emails within 1 hour.

Trained empoyees

Our employees are trained and qualified to provide excellence at the every step of the process. You believe your residents deserve the best and our team is equipped to give them the best.

No cancellation fees

We understand how quickly schedules can change in the industry. To minimize the headaches and to provide an honest service we do not charge cancellation fees.

22 Point System

Our 22 Point System ensure every area of the home is touched. This ensures our crews don't miss a spot and that your residents will enter the cleanest possible home.